The House Needed a Ductless Mini Split System

There are so multiple enjoyable things about the new ductless mini split system I just had installed in my loft, however before I had the ductless mini split system installed, I was clueless about why the cabin in my condo was regularly warmer than the rest of the house.

It wasn’t until I was forced to labor from cabin that I realized how much I needed to cool the lofted area.

There was no other private, secluded part in the condo to create an office, so I was forced to use the loft. It’s a enjoyable space with plenty of natural sunshine as well as views, however the heat is suffocating. I definitely can’t labor in the cabin during the summer time months, however I struggle to labor in the cabin even during the winter time months. When I finally had enough of the overheated rapidly changing temperatures, I decided to contact a local HVAC company to come repair my HVAC system. I wasn’t sure what was causing the issue, however I was pretty sure something was malfunctioning. When I told the HVAC professional about the overheated cabin space, he right away told me that it legitimately had nothing to do with my HVAC system. According to him, heat rises naturally, which makes my HVAC system run in a never-ending cycle to cool a space that will never be cooled. The HVAC professional said that I needed a ductless mini split system to cool the cabin during the hours I was working up there. It ran off of electricity, as well as my HVAC system wouldn’t have to run as hard after it was installed.

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