My AC starting smelling funny

I am a bit of a clean freak.

I don’t like having a house that smells or feels dirty.

I vacuum just about everyday. I mop once a week. I make sure to wipe the windows, the counters, and surfaces every few days. The bathrooms get totally scrubbed every ten days. Once a month the sheets, pillowcases, and curtains are all washed. The baseboards are every quarter and the light fixtures as well. I make sure there is no dust, grime, or stinky odors wafting around my house. It was driving me insane when I started noticing a musty smell in my Chicago home. The smell just wouldn’t go away either. I then thought it was my duct work. I called a business to do ductwork cleaning hoping that would do the trick. Nope, it still smelled. After some research I found that it could be something inside the air conditioner. I ended up calling for a Chicago AC repair just to remove the smell. The Chicago AC repair professional found algae in the condensate drain, mold on the cooling coil, and mildew inside the system. Talk about disgusting. The guy totally drained, cleaned, and washed out the inside of my air conditioner. He cleaned the fan blades, belt, drain, and all the moving parts. Now that the AC repair is done, my house smells so fresh. I am now on a list to get Chicago AC service since I don’t want that to happen. Good thing I caught the AC repair when it was just a foul odor.
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