That foul smell was mold on my cooling coil

For a while I was dealing with a stinky air conditioner.

It had a wet, musty smell every time it operated.

Since the AC doesn’t get a lot of action in Chicago, IL, I thought it wasn’t a big deal. It ran, was giving me decent energy bills, and would reliably turn on. So who cares about a foul smell? Well I did when I realized I was hosting family Easter this year and everyone was coming to my home. The last thing I wanted was for everyone to smell that funky odor. I immediately got on the phone with a Chcaigo AC repair business. I told them my issue and paid to have them out immediately. The AC contractor gave my unit a good scrubbing. He showed me what my stinky issue was. I had mold all over my cooling coil. As the AC fired up, the air would blow over the mold and that was the smell. Okay, that is disgusting. I was smelling and breathing in moldy air quality over and over again. I am amazed I didn’t get sick or develop some kind of weird fungus. I was really glad the guy showed me that issue. Now I am a lot better about keeping up to date with AC cleanings. Once a year I call for AC service in the spring to get the cooling unit washed up. I make sure they remove mold, mildew, and bacteria. I don’t want that smell again or to have spores being blown over. So gross to think about even to this day.

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