His Air Filter Hadn’t Been Changed

My brother got really sick last week and he asked if I’d come stay with him for a few days.

He’s the baby of the family and our parents live hundreds of miles away, so the thought of staying alone while he was sick sounded miserable to him.

Me being the best big brother I am, I went and stayed with him. While I was there, I noticed how stuffy the air was. It felt like I was breathing in dust bunnies every time I inhaled, and it showed on all the furniture. I thought my brother had neglected to clean in months, so I tidied things up for him. After a few hours though, I realized that the dust in the air wasn’t clearing up. I assumed it had something to do with his HVAC system, so when I examined his air vents, I saw thick dust covering all of them. Before calling an HVAC professional, I decided to check his air filter. I should have known that the air filter hadn’t been changed in a really long time when my brother couldn’t tell me where the air filter was. He didn’t even have extra filters lying around! The old air filter was the worst I’ve ever seen. There was so much dust and debris and it was preventing the air from flowing properly. It was no wonder his air quality was so terrible! I had to go out and purchase a new air filter for him and I replaced it right away. I think he’s going to need to replace it again in a few weeks because there’s so much dust floating around his house.


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