I Couldn't’ Find The Reset Button

I don’t understand my HVAC system and it really frustrates me.

When I moved into this old house, I wasn’t anticipating the demands that an older HVAC system would require.

I thought that the furnace and air conditioner would run a little inefficiently, but it would otherwise be easy to upkeep. I was really wrong. There are so many intricate details within an HVAC system and no matter how much research I do, I just can’t understand it. This is the most frustrating to me when something goes wrong and I can’t fix it on my own. I hate having to pay an HVAC professional to come service my HVAC system, only to discover that it was an easy fix that sounded like something I could have done on my own. Recently, my furnace kept shutting off and tripping the reset button, but I didn’t know why. The HVAC professional told me that I needed to locate the reset button and push it, but I couldn’t find it. The HVAC professional explained that it was typically inside the blower, beside the blower motor. I didn’t know where the blower was or where the blower motor was, so I had to hire an HVAC professional to physically come find the reset button and show me. I felt like an idiot, which is not a feeling I enjoy. To make things worse, I had to pay money for someone to come do this for me. If I knew more about HVAC systems, I wouldn’t have experienced this, and it’s so frustrating!

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