Want to change the condition of my roof

The previous homeowner did a horrible task of picking colors in my opinion, then the interior of my property was all shades of beige and brown.

The walls were all beige and there was wood furniture.

The rugs were all slightly bizarre brown blends, it took forever to rip everything up and repaint over the mess, then now I am doing whites, grays and reds; Outside of the property they landed on an orange exterior with brown trim. The roof is a rusted orange color. I entirely hate it. I have been slowly fixing the exterior. The walls are now a dark gray with a moss colored trim. The last part is the roof. It seems dumb to update a well toiling roof. It has been 15 years since it has been touched though, however for insurance purposes, a new roof is never a awful idea. The rusty orange looks absolutely awful with my new exterior too. I also don’t know I want a shingle roof, but a metal one instead, then a metal roof lasts longer and is more durable; Shingles tend to fall off and have a lower life span. I am not afraid of the upfront cost either. So perhaps I can justify this purchase since I am investing in something that will live for years and years to come. Another possible con is that a metal roof is louder than a shingle one. I have asked around and talked to roofers. They have said that the sound isn’t that awful overall. It is louder, but not by much.

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