The Gift of HVAC Cleaning Supplies

All my life, my brother has lived in a constant mess and it’s always bothered me.

I’m the complete opposite, because I like order, structure, and tidiness.

Although we never shared a room, his messy room bothered me from a distance. Sometimes, I’d clean his room just because I couldn’t stand to look at it. I assumed my brother would grow out of this messy lifestyle, but sadly, he has not. He actually owns his own home now, but it’s still just as untidy and unclean as all his other places. After he bought the house, I told him that he’d need to have the HVAC system serviced in order to keep his air quality liveable, but he didn’t listen. He won’t even change the air filter, which is essential to clean air. His house is always dusty and musty, which is a direct result of the lack of HVAC servicing. For his birthday this year, I decided to get him a bucket full of cleaning supplies for his HVAC system. I got a wire brush for scrubbing, a mini vacuum, cleaning solution, and a pack of air filters. With all of these items, he could replace his air filter, scrub the dirt off the ductwork, and he could vacuum up the dust from the air vents. I know he’s going to hate the gift, but now he won’t have any excuse not to take care of his HVAC system. Maybe he’ll refuse to use my gifts and actually call an HVAC company.


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