I Was Amazed With That Smart Thermostat

When my sister picked me up from the airport, I told her how cold it felt outside.

  • I live in the south, where the temperature doesn’t drop below 78 degrees until the middle of October.

My sister lives up north, where there’s a opportunity it could snow by this time, then even though I used to live up north at one point, I still forget how weird the weather can be during the seasonal transitions, however when I packed for the trip, I knew it would be chillier than what I was used to, although I didn’t know it would be anything extreme; However, when I stepped off the plane onto the tarmac, I knew that I made a mistake in what I packed. When my sister realized how cold I was, she immediately turned up the heat in the car and then handed me her phone. She told me to find the app for her control component so I could adjust the temperature of her property before my buddy and I got there. I don’t own a smart control component myself, so I was shocked when she told me that I could change the temperature remotely. I clicked on the app when I found it, and immediately the temperature of her property was featured. She had her heater running and it was set to 67 degrees. She told me to turn the temperature up a few degrees, so I changed it to 68 degrees. When my buddy and I arrived at her house, I found the control component and worked on on the temperature. The control component said that her property was already 68 degrees and it felt lovely!