Neither of Them Had Considered a Ductless Mini Split System

My parents have been living in the same house for over 20 years and they really didn’t want to move.

When I first heard my parents discussing the thought of moving, I was shocked! They loved the house they were in and there were so many great memories between those walls.

I asked them why they were even discussing the thought of moving and they surprised me with their answer. Both of them wanted a house that had heat and air in their sunroom. I almost laughed when they told me this because I thought it was ridiculous. My parents were actually contemplating selling their home because their sunroom wasn’t temperature controlled! My dad saw my amusement and tried to defend himself by saying that extending the ductwork from their central HVAC plan into the sunroom was going to cost them a fortune. My mom chimed in at this moment and told me that the process of extending the ductwork would also be timely and messy. After hearing this, I offered a solution that neither of them had mentioned. I told them that they needed to install a ductless mini split system to the sunroom! It was a small unit that ran off of electricity and could heat a small space like a sunroom with ease. It was clear that neither of them had heard about a ductless mini split system before, but it didn’t take long to sell them on it. I think they were just happy to stay in their house.

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