The Humidity Was Unbearable

When I visited the south, I was expecting the warmer temperatures.

I studied the weather channel before leaving and I packed my bag with everything I thought I’d need.

It wasn’t until I stepped off the plane that I realized I’d miscalculated. The temperature was definitely as warm as I was expecting, but what I wasn’t anticipating was how humid it would be. I felt so silly for not thinking about the intense humidity levels. While I was standing on the curb at the airport, waiting for my ride, I could feel my hair frizzing up and the sweat dripping down my back. I was supposed to spend an entire week here, but I was already dreading any time spent outside. When my friend picked me up, I quickly got in the car and directed the air vents onto my body. Just my luck, the AC in her car wasn’t cooling properly. There would be a burst of cool air and then a burst of hot air. All the hot and cold air was confusing me and my body and I couldn’t’ cool down properly. The car ride to her apartment was miserable, because I still wasn’t comfortable. I still felt as hot and humid as I did when I stepped off the plane. Thankfully, as soon as I walked into her apartment, there was instant relief. Her AC was blowing cool air all throughout, and the humidity seemed to disappear. I could see the condensation building up on the outside of her windows, which showed me just how humid the air was outside. I rarely left her apartment during the entire trip because I couldn’t tolerate the humidity along with the heat.



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